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Firekeeping – transforming the old

September 24, 2014
fireFirekeeping Practice – Transforming the Old
(from Shiva Rea’s book ‘Tending the Heart Fire’ … a powerful and clearing practice in which to enter the reflective winter months..)
As we enter into the last six weeks of the year, that which is dying and longing to be released calls for us to let go and allow it to be transformed, like dry stalks into the fire of winter’s rebirth. Create a fire in your fireplace, outdoors or in a ‘cauldron’ or iron pot that can withstand the flames – or even use a candle – to make an offering on Samhain (on Oct 31 as observed by the Celtic peoples) or during the waning nights before the new moon or in the last days of Navaratri (Hindu celebration of the mother).
In this way you can experience the liberation that death can bring as the closed fist lets go of what it has been holding on to: an old habit, thought, relationship, or process that is calling to be transformed. Write it down on a piece of paper, or symbolically infuse your offering into herbs from the land, such as sage or dried rosemary. Watch the offering burn all the way to ash. 
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