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wholeness: knowing myself, knowing us..

July 23, 2014
              Look within, you are the world.          
“We need to be intimate with our own interior, to know our needs, wishes, fears, boundaries and hopes. Through knowing the self within, we can honour the self that lives within another. We need to be able to love our own self enough to offer it openly to someone else.
As we reflect upon ourselves, we integrate more and more the essential pieces of ourselves. Our sense of the whole becomes stronger and stronger, we gain stability and beauty as more and more parts become integrated. 
As we become more integrated, we become more relational. Our capacity for understanding and working with outer relationships is enhanced by the sophistication of our inner one. 
We begin to see our role within all the complex relationships around us and can bring balance to the larger components of our culture.”
(A. Judith)
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