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a new journey: without direction or credentials.

January 10, 2014


Anything connected with goals involves a journey toward somewhere from somewhere. In mindfulness practice there is no goal, no journey; you are just mindful of what is happening there.

There is no promise of love and light or visions of any kind – no angels, no devils. Nothings happens: it is absolutely boring. Sometimes you feel silly. One often asks the question, “Who is kidding whom? Am I on to something or not?” You are not on to something. Travelling the path means you get off everything, there is no place to perch. Sit and feel your breath. Be with it.

The first point in destroying ego’s game is the strict discipline of sitting meditation practice. No intellectual speculation, no philosophizing. Just sit and do it. Without credentials. Credentials are entertaining, always bringing you something new, something lively something fantastic, all kinds of solutions. When you take away credentials, then there is boredom.

It is a very humble gesture on your part – just sit and cut through your thoughts, just welcome your breathing going out and in, just natural breathing, no special breathing, just sit and develop the watchfulness of your breathing.

Chogyam Trungpa

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