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Anatomy of Asana

July 10, 2013

When dear friends ask how 25 days in Thailand with 23 yogis went, I will direct them to this heart-wrenching piece of magic composed by sweet Thara. Thank you for remembering and for opening up to what was there for us all… to what is here for us all.


Ana-tomy – the act of cutting through, to cut anew, to cut against.

It is not easy. It is not pretty. It is not comfortable. We are called to it, because we know it is the only thing left that will spare us some sanctity. 

But along the stairway, there are helpers.

A training, we call it. 25 strong. Different strokes, different folks.

To come together and do this work was a commitment. We were about to bear one another’s blood, sweat and tears. And we held it with all the power we could muster.

Every morning, through sticky sweat, and the roar of cicadas, we performed an anatomy.

Sometimes a nick. outside inside
Sometimes a soft separation of layers.
Sometimes we carved.
Sometimes it felt like whittling.
Sometime the slash was a release.
Sometimes it was just time to surrender to the injuries.

Every time, it was worth it. To wake, and walk and tone and sweat and sit. It was an exploration of the inner world, using the body as a lens. We were somanauts. We were astralnauts.

We cut through blind, so that we could feel the layers more clearly.

The tone was set, and we followed it. All of us, like moths to a flame. Every morning we burned in the fire.

Even when we were tired. Even when we couldn’t bear the taste of it anymore. Even when we wanted to go home. We held each other.


If you stay up, I stay up. We are in this together. We will cast our nets and see what comes back.

There is still fruit to be had. There is still bread to butter. There is a mint chip. There might even be pizza.

Brothers and sisters, we exchanged our stories through our breath, through our hands, through quiet space, through bodies in movement. To witness one another breaking open is an honour. Your privacy is safe with me, we say in our silent acceptance.

Breaking open is a celebration. It is when the being comes out of the shell. When the lotus blooms. When we step up to the plate and teach what we know.

Even if just for a moment. Feel your perfection.

So we danced. We danced for one another. We danced on the sea. We danced all night. We danced inside our hearts. Thump thump. Swoosh. Thump thump. Swoosh. Thump thump. Swoosh.

The pounding music through the nights became the rhythm of our days. The beats per minute rode high. They upped the ante. We established trust. We took a chance. We sang.

Once, it sounded like a herd of elephants coming. And we welcomed them. It was time, and we were ready. This dance was all hands in. All bodies on the floor. All generations passing through us.

Drawing attention from the passers by, it was standing room only. Thank you for visiting us, she said.

The turquoise ocean swept us all away. We had no idea who we would become. Or how we would feel. All we knew was that we had formed a deep love for one another. And we would search everywhere for one another. And I ran; I sprinted when I found you.

 Root through four corners. Left hip forward, Right hip back. Navel to spine, Shoulders draw together and now, and now. and now you can feel that life force coursing through your veins. It’s looking for you. That’s what you came for. This is the Anatomy of Asana.

A Kula, A tribe, a clan.

We did good work today. Hoka Hey! It’s a good day to die.

It was an interesting time.

Hari Om Tat Sat. To my teachers


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