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just for today..just for Monday

May 6, 2013
just for today
What if you just didn’t do it today? And by “it” I mean one of the things we each do habitually that we know does not really serve us. “It” could be something small (like examining your skin for flaws in the magnifying mirror) or something semi-conscious (like tensing your shoulders when you get drive,) something mental (like reviewing a conversations with co-workers or your spouse & inserting what you coulda, shoulda, wounda said,) or physical (like eating while your attention is elsewhere.) What if, just for today, you. . . . quietly dropped this habit, didn’t do it? Not with resolve, not trying to stop it once-and-for-all, not analyzing why you do it . . . just deciding, quietly, with the first thing that comes to mind, “Not today.” And then just kept on walking, going about your day, leaving “it” where you dropped it. No Big Deal. Just for today. Just to see what happens.
~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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