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overcoming obstacles..

March 20, 2013

snowed in


[A] stumbling block can arise when, just as we’ve been thinking we have made some progress, we suddenly notice how much there still is for us to do. We can grow very disappointed…we suddenly have no interest in trying again…we start saying: ‘No more for me. I thought that was it, but now I feel like a fool, even more stupid than before. I just don’t want to go on.’ We are incapable of taking another step.

When you become aware of the illusion you have been harbouring and look reality squarely in the face, it is unfortunately all too easy to then view yourself as smaller and less important then you really are. You may have reached a point you have never reached before, but you lack the power to stay there and fall back, losing what you have gained.

[On the yoga path] we should should know that the feeling of being a little better today than yesterday exists just as much as the hope that we will be a little better in the future. These feelings will come and go until we reach the point where there is no better and no worse.




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