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afraid to teach? I wrote these for you..

January 15, 2013


3 Reasons Why You’re Ready for Yoga Teacher Training.. (My Yoga Online)

…Whatever the case, the choice to become a yoga teacher requires celebration!

Celebrate and get pumped! You’ll need the positive energy because things are about to change: you will no longer be the keen student in the front row – you become the show. This is big. You have the chance to inspire others by embodying the virtues and ethics that your teachers have been offering to you. If you’ve caught a whimpering voice within saying that you aren’t good enough, or your practice isn’t advanced enough, then it’s time to embrace those doubts and toil no longer. You are good enough to do what you love. I should know, I’ve been there too….    continue reading HERE


Wake up the Teacher Within – Embark on a 200 Hour Teacher Training Without the Pressure to Teach the Masses (Vancouver Yoga Review)

…There’s a misconception that teacher training is only for yogis who want to teach professionally. Not so. All you need is a willingness to work hard (physically and emotionally), an awareness of your insecurities (we all have them!) and a reminder that the teacher you uncover does not need to be on display ever.  You can apply your teacher training skills for self-development, physical prowess or to inspire others until they perhaps conduct their own training one day!

Remember, this is about uncovering your inner guide, whether or not you utilize that part of yourself to inspire others.  Choose a 200 Hour program with a teacher whom you are overjoyed to spend a month with and jump in with your whole body and heart. If you give your all, you may receive more than you had ever imagined….. continue reading HERE

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