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musings on control & devotion to the whole..

December 11, 2012

Get out of control: the lesson I can’t teach.

                          Don’t let life harden your heart. Don’t let your mind create facts out of ideas.  Let your boundaries shift and change shape as you grow.

I am devoted to you. I won’t let you down.

I will stand tall and courageous in support of you.

                               I will try my best to leave your pain for you to feel but some days it brims over and I feel you.  I will do my best to ease your struggles.

On occasion, I will even carry your struggles on my own shoulders.

                          I watch as you take care of yourself the best way you know how – determined to have things turn out your way.  I will watch it eventually crumble around us.

I have felt the rhythms of the earth and when she decides it is time,                                                                                                            she will blow your expectations out from under your feet.

what we expect to receive in life is not what we need.  We need to let our imperfections and failures shine.                               Less control does not imply a disadvantage.

Simply be part of life, You can’t make it perfect, you can’t be perfect and honouring that is perfect.

                                  One day I will share with you that the secret is nothing other than perfect balance – between shadows and light, control and ease, your head and your heart.

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