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October 25, 2012

yoga path divine

“This morning, as I was writing, I paused & thought, “It is finding me.” Even in my mind I whispered. I didn’t want to scare away the sense of an emerging pattern & direction that I was just beginning to feel … Sometimes, we catch a glimpse of something in our inner or outer peripheral vision, something we know will dart back into the dark woods if we turn an analytical glare in its direction. Sometimes it’s a feeling- as if I am a bell that’s just picked up a sound that makes me resonate. Sometimes it’s a glimpse of the truth we need to go forward. If we’ve waited a long time, the temptation is to reach for it quickly. But it is wiser to keep walking very slowly, to let this new awareness circle us as we wash the dishes, do the laundry, pay the bills- ever-aware of the presence that is drawing closer. If we make ourselves available, it will come closer. What we ache for longs for us. It will find us.”

Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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