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this is how it is..

March 14, 2012

Allowing Everything to Be As It Is.

What should I focus on while I meditate? Is it ok to have thoughts? Should I think about my thoughts? If I try to quiet my thoughts, isn’t that still the wrong way to meditate?

It is interesting how many thoughts arise when we sit quietly and hope to watch the busy thoughts vanish… For me, meditation is not a state that should be achieved upon first try nor should be a bi-product of a strong physical yoga practice. Yes, we need to purify and strengthen the physical body in order to find a level of comfort while sitting. Iyengar reminds us that asana also helps to relax the brain and de-stress the mind. And yes, some people are better than others at avoiding uncomfortable thoughts. I believe meditation can only come when we actively go inside the mind and inquire about its ingrained and reactionary tendencies. You cannot rid yourself of all that is unhelpful and bad if you aren’t willing to dissect their origins and roots in your life. “True meditation leads us to wisdom and awareness, and this specifically helps in understanding that we are more than our ego” (Iyengar). The mind can be clear when you compassionately acknowledge all the parts of yourself and how they interact within your mind. The mind can be clear when you get to know your ego intimately, then rise above it.

As we unravel along this insightful path.. suddenly… AHA, I know I am like this and I know I am like that. I know they act this way and I know they are hurt this way. I know what I desire and I know how to respond honestly.

It is a radical notion that everything is fine as it is. Because in order to find this state, there ensues a lengthy battle between good and bad, emotion and reason, body and spirit. The ego grasps and the intellect wants to dissect. In spite of my struggles and never ending work, I love a radical and free perspective that encourages me to accept everything as it is.

If you want to try – follow this 20 minute guided meditation from my teacher Adyashanti.

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