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Getting to know your fears..

January 22, 2012

We all have fears, small and large ones. Some of them seem normal, but upon closer inspection fears often paralyze us and keep us from spontaneously trying new things, meeting new people and being creative.

TODAY – find healing within your fears, rather than pushing them away and resisting discomfort.

Exercises for Walking through the Spook Zone
1 – Identify the fear
2 – Turn around, hunt it, stalk it
3 – Stop making decisions based on fear
4 – Find the healing within the fear
5 – Snuggle up to your fear
(Ana Forrest, Fierce Medicine) 

The steps Forrest lists above seem easy enough, but reading them alone is probably not effective enough. Writing is an interesting way to dive deep into your mind, your doubts and your fears. In this method one is able to identify fears as small or silly and also get to the root cause of them. Try this activity. All you need is a pen and paper and about 30 minutes.

Start writing…
1. What is a fear?
2. What are your physical and emotional responses to fear?
3. What is power? How do you use power to manipulate/control those around you?
4. Have you missed specific events in your life due to fear? What?
5. What happens when you react out of fear? Does anyone get hurt?
6. List 3 responses you can have instead of acting out of fear?

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