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solo dance with power..

January 13, 2012

The really superior man needs no proof, he simply is superior. Does a rose flower argue about its beauty? Does the full moon bother about proving its gloriousness? The superior man simply knows it, there is no need for any proof; hence he has no will to dominate. He certainly has a “will to power,” but then you have to make a very fine distinction. His will to power means: he wants to grow to his fullest expression. 

It has nothing to do with anybody else, its whole concern is the individual himself. He wants to blossom, to bring all the flowers that are hidden in his potential, to rise as high as possible in the sky. It is not even comparative, it is not trying to rise higher than others – it is simply trying to rise to its fullest potential. 

“Will to power” is absolutely individual. It wants to dance to the highest in the sky, it wants to have a dialogue with the stars, but it is not concerned with proving anybody inferior. It is not competitive, it is not comparative.  (OSHO on Nietzsche’s Will to Power)

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