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teaching from honest alignment..

October 30, 2011

… another afternoon with the Teachers in Training at Semperviva. I love watching the light in their eyes trickle down into their hearts. And I love feeling and feeding off their simple appetite for knowledge. I am left with a huge heartache for all those good and bad moments in my own teacher training. It’s incredible to watch human beings strip themselves down to a raw vibration – and it’s all happening with this crew (the exhaustion, the excited jitters, the emotions) as they grow into unique teachers. Throwing yourself into a journey that is physically demanding must eventually penetrate the non-physical. Iyengar talks about aligning the bones and muscles to align your mind and your intelligence. The funny thing is how overwhelming it can be and how far away from any kind of alignment it can seem. Sure, maybe we learn how to become teachers or better teachers through various workshops, but simultaneously a different area of our world is completely falling apart. The yoga asana doesn’t always make life better. And so it goes..

We realize later on how honest it has all been. Why? Because we are “willing to go back to square one. Every single asana is an opportunity to go back to square one, to develop humility. If we are willing to do this, a beautiful thing happens – an authentic human being begins to emerge. This being has something to say, we have something to share – healing both the giver and the receiver. The asana reminds us over and over again that before we leave this short life, we must give our truth” Rolf Gates.

And so it goes.. we keep challenging the body as we grow into our truth and slowly the mind aligns with all that is intelligent, all that is honest. These virtues may differ slightly but they more or less will lead us away from division and into love. Straying from this love becomes harder the more we open up to to our truth.

I have no idea what your truth is. But I’d like to maybe find out what it is. On that note – here’s a piece of my journey, how I paved the way for my teaching to become truthful and confident from a long while back. Just because it’s in your body, doesn’t mean the mind is quite on track yet!  I yearn for the times of incredible discovery in my life. I’m sure many more are just around the corner, so I will let this go from my head and heart and see you along the way.

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