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Green algae for me and maybe you..

October 12, 2011

Why I am willing to give chlorella a chance…

What – Chlorella is an algal food of high nutritional value comparable to that of spirulina, but containing a little less protein, just a fraction of the beta-carotene, and more than twice the nucleic acid (responsible for directing cellular renewal, growth and repair) and chlorophyll (a purifier, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenates blood, tissue, liver etc).

~ Chlorella’s cell wall has been found to be valuable because it binds with heavy metals, pesticides, and such carcinogens as PCBs and carries these toxins safely out of the body.

Substances found in the cell wall stimulate interferon (proteins released in response to the presence of pathogens) production as well as other anti-tumor and immune-enhancing activity.

~ The special nature of chlorella’s nucleic acid makes it most useful for improving growth patterns in children, maintaining health in old age, healing injuries, and initiating growth where it has been stunted from disease or degeneration, including Alzheimer’s disease, sciatica, palsy, seizures, multiple sclerosis, nervousness, and other nerve disorders.

~ It is helpful for detoxifying the liver, kidneys, and blood impurities that result from strenuous physical exertion.

~ All blood sugar imbalances – diabetes, hypoglycemia, manic depression – are greatly helped because much of chlorella’s protein, like that of spirulina, is predigested and ready to work to smooth our blood sugar fluctuations.

Anemia: Chlorella is good for building up blood deficiencies caused by weak digestive absorption and poor spleen pancreas function.

Hypoglycemia and diabetes: chlorella is ideal for controlling hypoglycemia because it contains a sufficient quantity of predigested carbohydrates to supply energy that endures. Also, the predigested protein calms blood sugar turbulence in both hypo and hyperglycemia (diabetes). To simply control sugar cravings, as little as ½ gram of chlorella, taken at the time of craving, is often an effective remedy.

Turns out the dry tablets need to be chewed or left in a glass of water for an hour before consumption..

(all taken from Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition, Paul Pritchford)

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