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This week in yoga class..

September 19, 2011

…arm binding in various asanas.

To aid with shoulder/pectoral openings, arm muscle toning, heart opening and spine strengthening in Trikonasana (as pictured below), Pasrvakonasana and Ardha Chandrasana.

According to BKS Iyengar, the effects of Trikonasa- “This asana tones up the leg muscles, removes stiffness in the legs and hips, corrects any minor deformity in the legs and allows them to develop evenly. It relieves backaches and neck sprains, strengthens the ankles and develops the chest“. And Parsvakonasana- “This asana tones up the ankles, knees and thighs. It corrects defects in the calves and thighs, develops the chest and reduces fat around the waist and hips and relieves sciatic and arthritic pains. It also increases peristaltic activity and aids elimination.”

We will observe the energetic effects of a challenging binding practice through these healing asanas.     See you soon xo

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