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Swept up in the moment..

September 4, 2011

The nature of human existence is stuck in time, and we are constantly given new moments. With every minute that passes there is another minute ahead of us. That’s why there’s never any cause for despair, ever. There’s always a new moment. 

You might blow it one hundred thousand times. But if you get it the next time, who cares how many times you blew it? It’s important to remember this in spiritual practice and to learn from your mistakes and strive for the greater good. 

You might think that you’re getting higher and higher when, before you know it, you’re doing business with demons. Once they give you power, they want something for it. You have to pay for it – nothing is free. It’s like an inner realm mafioso saying to you, “Okay, we’re going to make you famous, we’re going to give you psychic powers, we’ll make all the girls adore you, but we do want a little something in return – your soul.”

It’s better to always go for love as you constantly let go of the power. I don’t care what you’re promised, keep laying down any spiritual gift you may receive with humility. Let your kindness to others be your power. 

Love is so effortless to give and is so much of who we are. It’s amazing how wonderful and simple it is and how often we overlook this spiritual power, which we are all born with. It’s the one spiritual power we can use ceaselessly without worrying about it leading to a downfall. We all want to be so profound and so big and so great that we don’t realize that love is the only way. 

This is what tantra is – when the mundane and the spiritual are completely woven together. Then there’s nothing to lose, nowhere to go, because you’re always there. The moment is the present. 

Seizing each moment means you’re fully aware and present in the now. When the presence fills you, you can truly come from a place of compassion. It’s no longer “What can I get?”      It’s “What can I give?”

-bhagavan das

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