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A riot has nothing to do with you..

June 24, 2011

This is about us.

We watched in disgust as the chaos ensued. We saw the smoke billowing above the downtown high-rises. We heard the sirens screaming for hours.
I took note of a few immediate responses following the behaviour of a few misguided youngsters in downtown Vancouver on the evening of June 15th.

There’s a lesson to be learned here…give Vancouver more fun so they don’t lose their shit every time they are allowed to let loose.” AAi Lark

Sitting in South Africa, looking at the riot footage, my South African friends say ‘Why are they rioting? It’s a First World country.’ Disbelief. They were having a public holiday to remember a real cause for rioting-1976 Soweto Uprisings.” Alexis Palmer

Patriotism is separatism. Until we wake up and see that we are One there will be suffering…Choose love and choose life. The time for change is now, perhaps start by realizing that alcohol is the destruction of the soul. Spread love.” Prince Ras Reno

And now we wonder, where do we go from here?
How do we take action?
Most importantly to me – how do we help those who live in anger and lack the skills to express their emotions in a non-destructive way?

One answer for now, is to promote friendship, support and non-violence. I have never known a little public yoga practice to hurt anyone…
Vancouver Yoga Riot – Wednesday June 29th 6 PM at Library Square

At the heart of all forms of Yoga is the assumption that we have not yet tapped into our full potential as a human being. In particular, Yoga seeks to put us in touch with our spiritual core-our innermost nature-that which or who we truly are. Who could find fault with the yogic recommendation to pursue a virtuous life dedicated to nonharming, truthfulness, compassion, charity, tolerance, and freedom from greed, anger, jealousy and so forth?” Georg Feuerstein

Thanks to Beverly, Ellen and Colin for coordinating this big step forward. See you at Vancouver Yoga Riot next Wednesday at 6pm.

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