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I am dark I am light..

June 9, 2011


“The task of self-acceptance: we honour the subtle relationships within ourselves. We honour the individuality of every composite part: the part that seeks success, the part that fears it, the part that longs for commitment, the part that wants freedom, the inner child, the rebellious teenager, the pleaser, the nurturing parent, and all the other selves we observe as we go through life. Learning to coordinate these internal relationships is the inner work of self-love. Recognizing each part as an essential element of the whole brings our disparate selves home into the chamber of the heart.” Anodea Judith



“One has to accept life with all its problems. One has to go through life unprotected; one has to seek and search one’s way. Life is an opportunity, a challenge to find yourself. The mind needs a challenging life for intelligence to arise, an adventurous life, a life that knows how to risk and how to go into the unknown. And only intelligence can save you, nobody else. Your own awareness can become your nirvana.” Osho



“Healing the heart involves attending to the most vulnerable and sacred aspects within ourselves. Only through attending to their truth can we drop the protective armour that keeps us bound to the ego, bound to smaller parts of ourselves. We can melt the armour with the combination of feeling and understanding that is love.”  Anodea Judith

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