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Contemplative power..

May 30, 2011

Finding myself in a physically compromised state last week after spraining my ankle in the yoga studio, I got to work (as I was ‘off’ work) contemplating all the dark sides of myself. Notably, the aspects of power and authority-as I have experienced them by others and how I project them onto others.

Well, that’s not true. Power and authority linger in my thoughts on most good days. Being in a position of ‘power’ as a teacher, leads me to overanalyze my interactions (and thoughts) with all beings throughout each day.

Then, completely useless on my floor for 3 days was a reminder that power has nothing to do with physical stature, how many handstands I can do in a row, or faking a smile during difficulties.

After getting quite down, taking the time to heal, keeping my tears and frustration to myself and my living room floor, I came back to life and realized the brightness in my life. Sweet friends with concerned eyes, love in their actions and words- and I had almost forgotten this life I have created for myself. A honest life, centered around love, compassion and healing.

In an instant, what we think of as our power can slip away.. and what will remain? Will all our words have been spoken from a place of love?

We find compassion for ourselves, and then extend it to all beings. “Compassion is not a relationship, it is simply your very being” (Osho)

Some inspirations and doodlings about power..

What is power?

Power is not a thing, but a way. It is a process of becoming real. Power comes when we are willing to make mistakes and to be responsible for them, to learn from them, and to correct them.

Power is the awesome presence of the divine. Power is the mystery, the unknown, the confrontation with the other. Power is the transition from the past to the future. Power is the ability to determine our own destiny. Only with power can we move aside the obstacles that keep us imprisoned, enslaved and unconscious. (Anodea Judith)

My personal definition of power

My view of power has shifted from something of force and away from the idea that power is fiery or aggressive. Rather, I am in my power when I am at my best. To be functioning at my best is when I do not feel rushed, when I am loving the body that I have by keeping it at an optimal level for health and happiness. I am at my best when I find time alone.

To me, power is living in awe of this life, feeling inspired by the world around me, and sharing my passion in a way that others can also enjoy.

Power is also knowing when to step away from a situation and respecting when something has faded away from joy and reciprocated giving. Power is not putting oneself through unnecessary pain.

Power is taking the chance to be better, to do a better job today than I did yesterday.

Self-examination is essential if we are to evolve and if we are going to rise from an obsession with power into a state of integration and peace:

–       Who was the central authority figure during your childhood? What means did they use to establish their authority? How did you react to this authority? Did you rebel or obey?

–       What form does the inner authority take in your life now? Who is it fashioned after?

–       Does this inner authority respect the feeling self, the limitations of the body, and the need for expansion and growth? Where does this inner authority draw its strength and what would bring it greater strength? How can you bring this authority into better alignment with your life? (Questions adapted from Anodea Judith)

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