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How to benefit from a mentor..

May 25, 2011

We can all use a little inspiration as teachers. Rather than letting the doubts and concerns get to us, we can seek out help

I remember how useful it was as a new teacher to have a close-knit group of friends who also taught yoga to practice with, to dream big with and to learn from. So I created the Semperviva Mentoring Sessions, to provide a similar experience to teachers in Vancouver – a group that grows together, discusses teaching scenarios, learns advanced poses, options for all sorts of levels of practitioners, opens up about journalling experiences and above all, has a good laugh. 

We finished in March and I was humbled by how much I learned from all the yogis in their most honest and raw moments. And further still, to realize the learning never ends. The doubting and fears never end. The movement never ends. But we have each other to turn to when the going gets dark. 

And we ended up in the bright light of day for our last workshop! 

(The next session of 5 workshops begins this Saturday, May 28th at Semperviva)

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