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An honest interview..

May 25, 2011

Emily Millen is a beautiful yoga instructor in the Vancouver area who interviews other teachers for her website. What a great way to keep us all connected to the passion our peers feel for yoga and informed about tidbits inside our favourite teachers’ souls!

She chose me for the first interview, click here Emily Millen Yoga to be taken to her blog and the article. 

** Preview:

Did you ever in a million years see yourself as a yoga teacher? What did you used to want to be when you grew up?

I have always wanted to teach, whether it be to sweet little babes in daycare, piano lessons, to community members on how to rehabilitate and preserve the environment or teaching yoga – all of which I have done. I have always wanted to teach. And I have this Type A personality quirk, which pushes me to always try and get what I want.

What is the funniest/weirdest thing you’ve said while teaching?

Last week I said “If a little baby walked into the room right now, would it cry because your face looks so scary and mean?” Laughter is great medicine while in balancing poses.

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