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Democracy-there is hope? there is unity?

May 4, 2011

This isn’t our victory, this isn’t our defeat – this is a snapshot of our terrain, and we just have to identify the path forward” -K. Kersplebedeb (via Aftab)

Can we create change as a society? Of course, everything changes everyday.

To me, the real questions lie in determining how our country can become united in its ideals and vision for the future. Will we, as a young generation, learn to collaborate and speak up?

Canadians are completely divided on whether they want a Conservative majority or minority” (2011 Canadian election coverage)

There is a path forward. Change is still possible. Change involves a leap of faith and a plunge into the unknown. Let’s continue to express our discontent and build upon this momentum.

Where does it start? In acknowledging we are tired of living as drones, in politics  as well as in our private lives. We will no longer sit alone in the same familiar darkness night after night creating a stagnant and passive culture. Our cells are capable of inherent creativity and brightness, a regular involuntary cellular reproduction. We are accountable for our happiness and our quality of life as a collective. Many of us are aware and seek change.  Our action must no longer be to wade through distress and darkness but rather to move as one toward a bright future – with courage, with faith, with a desire for something other than the conservative status quo. 

The sleepy and complacent personality of our country can shift. Our youth are creative, intelligent environmentalists who are not satisfied with Canada’s leadership. These setbacks are tiring. The road is proving to be extremely slow going and long, riddled with disappointments, lies and confusion. The commitment to change must be maintained.

What comes next? The individual work must have a broader others-centered focus. Yet you can still start at home. 

1 – Rid yourself of negative patterns and behaviours that you define as a struggle. Ask for help. See who is around you on this earth and communicate with them.

2 – Focus on treating your Mother Earth with care and respect. We are not in control of the natural environment. We are a part of it.

3 – Volunteer your time to efforts that aid children in developing countries or war-torn states.

4 – Ask others about their vision in life – listen, learn, appreciate.

5 – Vote. Again. Yell.  In a democracy, you can vote and you must.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are all we have. 

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