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Spring cleaning..

March 25, 2011



“What does the worshiper do? He cleans the temple. How? By asking all who have been sitting there forever to leave so he can sweep, throw fresh water drawn from the river on the stones, scatter rose petals. Very quickly, the worshiper takes count of those sitting in his consciousness who refuse to leave the temple. Why? Because, like us, they are afraid. It is because of fear that the consciousness remains cluttered. Not the little fears, easy to define, not the fear of this or that, but the great fundamental fear, which is the fragile terrain on which we construct all our dreams, and which, one days or another, paralyzes us and destroys what we have constructed with so much care.

..”the temple is empty and resplendent, so that the light shimmers in it, the songs of the birds fill it, fragrances scent it, and moonbeams make it even more spacious, we congratulate ourselves for our wisdom and clear-sightedness, and we say to ourselves, ‘Now this place is absolutely pure. It’s the perfect spot for storing the sublime teachings I’ve had access to. In this temple, I’m going to store the most profound products of wisdom to nourish my consciousness.'”

Daniel Odier




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