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This life is a..

March 7, 2011


“Understand that this is a very deep commitment on my part and on yours. Once on the way, there is no exit. If you accept, it’s a decision that must be maintained in the most difficult moments, because if you give up along the way, you risk deep trouble. I am proposing that you make your way along a razor’s edge. Once you start out, you can’t break into a run, or stop, or go back. The injuries would be very serious. You can only continue at the same pace. Sometimes you will revolt. You will have the impression that I’m treating you as if you’ve never practiced, as if you know nothing. Your pride will be hurt. you will think, I did this, I did that. I have had so-and-so a master, and this woman, who is she to treat me like this? You will have doubts about yourself, about the way, about me. You will be angry. Perhaps you will hate me. But me, I will always be there and I will wait for you to calm yourself so that we can get under way again together.”


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