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When in doubt..

September 10, 2010

Don’t force anything.. integration.. wisdom.. Giggling is part of this practice too

this is not Bhagavan Das. this is a happy yogi

We constantly have much to learn from our beloved teachers throughout life. Some fresh air from Bhagavan Das’ It’s Here Now (Are You?)

“…God loves the soul more than anything, but he can’t rescue her alone. He needs the help of the son of the wind-the breath. When God and the breath become allies, they’re able to free the soul. Calming the breath makes the body calm down, and then the mind becomes calm. When the mind is calm, you are able to sense God’s presence in your heart.”

“Intention, commitment, sacrifice, faith, and devotion-together these produce real effects. Too often we underestimate the power of thought. Thoughts manifest. Your life is what you think it is. That’s why meditating and disengaging from the thought process helps free the self.”

“Power will eat you. It will burn you, and it will dry you up. It will suck out all your juices. Power will destroy you unless you have a pot to hold it in. The pot is your spiritual practice. And when your pot overflows with loving kindness, your spiritual practice is real.          Real spirituality isn’t about getting high; it’s about getting down. We’re already high and we’re already spiritual-we just need to get here. We need to arrive in the present. That’s where faith is; that’s where devotion is.”

What are you ready to welcome into your heart from your teachers? Will the lessons enter with struggle and pain or freely with ease and laughter?  When in doubt, keep it simple. Keep it feeling good.

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