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Taking it easy with purity..

August 10, 2010

Well I didn’t actually WANT to do anything tonight. I didn’t desire an asana practice between the not wanting to paint my house nor pack my precious belongings after 5 years of settling into my space.

It struck me that I didn’t want to do something. I have been coasting along for the last few months in the flow while remembering some aspects of this lifelong practice. Not exactly floating through the days, but serving others with deep yoga offerings while traveling, sitting at desks- in honour of conserving Mother Nature – balancing that with friends and sun makes Carolyn Anne.

So when I literally stopped dead in my tracks this evening during a familiar 30 second stop in and out at my apartment, surrounded by half painted walls and glaring unpacked dishes, it was confusing. It wasn’t that I didn’t actually want something, maybe that I want EVERYTHING. I want it all, organized, energized and clarified now.

I certainly didn’t desire writing for a blog that nobody reads. Then my peer, my teacher, my motorcycle fairy mama threw out the notion that many of us draw from the same source and even though we may be miles away from one another, we endure the same experiences, fill with similar inspirations, breathe the same pure love. The flame was rekindled and I now share..

Purification has been on my mind, and evidently the mind of other beings I love, as I discovered tonight after not wanting anything and really wanting everything – I got it. I was reminded that those of us who have been to the bottom and worked our way up feed from the light, the one love. And self-purification is part of this practice.

It seems perhaps I over-manifested abundance in the last month. Now time to refine, and remember the physical and emotional cleansing aspect of becoming a loving being in spite of faint calls of stress, irritation and a multitude of stories and patterns that arise to test my core.

self-purification always involves a lake. and a wheel or two.

“The yogic life is a comprehensive endeavour at self-purification (atma-shuddhi).        The yogi must find the ‘Heaven’ within, whether by experiential communion or mystical union with the Divine or by an act of faith in which a connection with the  Divine is simply assumed until this becomes an actual experience. Spiritual discipline (sadhana), then, is a matter of constantly ‘remembering’ the Divine, the transcendental Self, or Buddha nature.                 There can be no such transformation without catharsis, without shedding all those aspects of one’s being that block our immediate apperception of Reality. Traditions like Yoga and Vedanta can be understood as programs of progressive ‘detoxification’ of the body-mind, which clears the inner eye so that we can see what is always in front of us – the omnipresent Reality, the Divine”.   Georg Feuerstein

There are physical methods to detoxify as well as mental or moral rules to encourage purification. And there is the understanding that we simply work to attain living liberation. We must practice practice practice. I lead with the intention of purification in my thoughts, my actions, my words. I fail constantly. But I remember. And then I sigh. Life is void and dark without intention. This wisdom will set us free. Remember that purification starts with the Self and that by connecting to this or any intention of honour and compassion, you will in turn shed your desires, your schedules and connect to the one love, the Divine.

Our hearts are already pure, sometimes the busy days get in the way of this remembrance.

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