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Shine through this..

July 27, 2010

6 days surrounded by the warm pine-filled beauty that is British Columbia’s north. This is small town living and a creeping remembrance of the soul that is a 10 year old child: so curious, so talkative, so excitable, so impressionable, so simple.      While guiding thirty spirited children through wild wilderness expeditions in their own backyards, I am humbled as I laugh with them, become friends with them, console them and act as a leader for them.    Throughout each day, it becomes more apparent that all humans truly endure the same fits of rage, of sorrow, of joy and everything in between.

Take, for example, Ewan, a 10 year old young man who finds himself easily paralyzed by a fear of bees. This fear escalates into uncontrollable anxiety and hyperventillation. Ewan and I thus find ourselves on breathing breaks and discuss how bee stings hurt but we do survive the pain. The bee is not to blame. We learn how to co-exist. Breathing sessions are a simple way to get there. How grateful I am for this skill (and the deep metaphor about life) while getting to know Ewan. This was the last thing I had thought my “job” would entail this week.                   However, my practice of yoga infiltrates all my surroundings and I am prepared to be of service to those I encounter as an offering of thanks. When I remember every breath, I can continually live in remembrance and gratitude for all beings and lessons along this path.

“The act of giving thanks itself creates good karma. How do you develop appreciation of even adverse circumstances? Through forgiveness of yourself and others. To forgive, you must realize that we all act according to our capSharon Gannon & David Life - teach us to shine with the light of love and the universeacity. We act within our capacity at every moment that we act. But capacity can change. We could do something according to our capacity at one moment, and then look back a moment later and see our action in a different light. Perhaps we should have, or could have, done something else. We must forgive ourselves, remembering that at that time we could not have done anything but what we did….realize that we are doing the best we can at any given moment, and that everyone else is also doing his or her best….”   Sharon Gannon & David Life  Jivamukti Yoga

Rejoice in your good deeds and all your efforts. All beings on this earth, alive with breath, are faced with obstacles. Surviving them is not something to fear but to acknowledge and to bow down for. “Your present situation is the solution, not the problem. By suffering, we learn compassion, which brings us closer to all beings”. Without fear, anxiety, anger, the teacher within would not shine, nor would you learn to guide others into light.

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