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The process of entering into grace..

July 16, 2010

Grace. The word denotes a multitude of qualities that many strive towards in daily life as well as asana practice. A theme in my personal practice for the last two weeks has been abundance. I feel an abundance of grounding and joy in my heart and this radiates out to those I meet each day. This is simple. I welcome it wholeheartedly, without expectation. I notice the abundance of supportive friends who work as healers and the knowledge we share with each other. Every person presents a lesson. Do you listen, watch and learn from them?

The underlying quality I now wish to cultivate is an abundance of grace – in breath, movement, thoughts, feelings for myself and others.

BKS Iyengar comments that intelligent postures and practices will come when you do them with reflection and discernment. Cultivating grace requires an inquiry. It is a process of many stages that must be watched.

However, it is not back breaking work as he passionately insists. “We all think that Iyengar Yoga is working hard, working hard, working hard. Unfortunately you are on the wrong track. Iyengar Yoga is not a stone-breaking business! Your concept of working hard itself is wrong. You think you should perspire. You will perspire as a process, in learning stages, or out of the process of doing for learning, you’ll perspire. But don’t think to perspire is Iyengar Yoga.

You’ll have to struggle. Struggle is there, but it is not only struggle. Therefore your practice must be divided; this is the struggle track and this is the reflection track and both should be co-mingled and also practiced side by side. When that is integrated, you will have no doubts. So, until then, you must see that these two tracks are there in your practice. The effort aspect and the conservation aspect. Action and reflection.  It is simple in manner, simple in practice, simple in demonstration.

And as you mature, action and reflection will come closer and closer. And you will come to know that the grace is there. At every stage, the grace is there. You can get grace at every stage.”

Questions are better than answers. What is your intention? To struggle towards a lofty goal which may not be natural for your relationship with someone or for your yoga asana? Or to patiently watch the process of effort and conservation becoming balanced in your daily life? So that grace may enter and pain and sorrow are diminished. Watch all feelings and movements with reflection and discernment and become an inspiration. Become grace itself.

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