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Today I am still..

June 18, 2010
Perfect unity.  What is yoga…..   It is “practice practice practice”. To break down the illusions that separate our hearts from the hearts of others. To quiet the stories in our active minds. To feel the pause between each breath, serenity with every blink of the eye.

Perfection does not imply that we feel happiness and ecstasy. In fact, this path of feeling our feelings can be unsettling at the best of times. “It was a great Western adept – Omraam Mikkhael Aivanhov (1900-1986) – who periodically reminded his disciples that all beginnings are charged with particular potency and that therefore we must enter new beginnings with the utmost care and best understanding we can muster. This is especially true of the beginning of  spiritual life.”

We get frustrated, get we bored, we get sad, we get joyful, we get connections, we get relief, we get tired. This is the practice. Great time is spent learning to understand our emotions and our reactions. Many breaths are spent understanding our hearts and how to care for them. And then our practice becomes less a chore of ups and downs but a gentle rolling wave of compassion for others.

And it is so sweet because who wouldn’t want to get closer to unity with all beings and this earth? Who wouldn’t want to heal illusions of the past and embody a spirit of integrity and truth?

We can move through asana, stand on our heads, focus on physical strength or we can simply be moved by our breath. Remember the temple of our hearts. One heart.

It begins with the breath.

Breathe, You Are Alive!

Breathe and you know that you are alive.

The Atmosphere..spheres of breath..of a living Earth..Living beings are "cells" in the body of the earth

Breathe and you know that all is helping you.

Breathe and you know that you are the world.

Breathe and you know that the flower is breathing too.

Breathe for yourself and you breathe for the world.

Breathe in compassion and breathe out joy.

Breathe and be one with the air that you breathe.

Breathe and be one with the river that flows.

Breathe and be one with the earth that you tread.

Breathe and be one with the fire that glows.

Breathe and you break the thought of birth and death.

Breathe and you see that impermanence is life.

Breathe for your joy to be steady and calm.

Breathe for your sorrow to flow away.

Breathe to renew every cell in your blood.

Breathe to renew the depths of consciousness.

Breathe and you dwell in the here and now.

Breathe and all you touch is new and real.

Annabel Laity

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